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Why do you need a Bookkeeping Services?

When you work with Valkyrie Financials, LLC you not only get a great bookkeeper, you get someone that truly cares about the health of your business.

What's the difference between and Accountant and a Bookkeeper?

A Bookkeeper handles the day-to-day financial health and record keeping. An accountant analyzes this information to help save you money when filing for taxes.

Most bookkeepers don't help you file taxes and most accountants don't do bookkeeping. Most businesses can benefit greatly and save money by having both these professionals on your team.

Why should you use a Bookkeeper instead of doing it yourself?

A bookkeeper is a trained professional who can make sure everything is done correctly and avoid any potentially costly mistakes. A good bookkeeper will save you stress, time, and money that you can spend on your business or enjoying life outside of work. 

Why are Financial Statements so important?

Financial statements are a great tool for understanding how your business is doing. Comparing statements monthly, quarterly, and yearly can be invaluable in identifying issues and aid you in making decisions to grow your business. 

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